Lady Gaga Contributes ‘Born This Way’ Song for The Fable Manga’s Live-Action Film

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Shochiku began streaming a new trailer for the live-action film of Katsuhisa Minami's The Fable manga on Monday. The trailer reveals the film's theme song, Lady Gaga's 2011 song "Born This Way." This marks the first time Lady Gaga has contributed one of her songs as a theme song for a Japanese film.

>In the manga, a fabled genius at killing resides somewhere hidden in Osaka. Taught since childhood to obey the orders of his boss, "Fable" is ordered to live in Osaka as a normal person for one year in order for the boss to lay low.

The cast members, also shown in the visual above, include:

  • Junichi Okada as Fable
  • Funimo Kimura as Yōko, Fable's optimistic and heavy-drinking partner
  • Mizuki Yamamoto as Misaki, the first ordinary woman Fable meets in Osaka
  • Kōichi Satō as the Boss who trained Fable to kill from a young age
  • Sōta Fukushi as Hood, an assassin hired by Sunakawa to kill Fable
  • Yūya Yagira as Kojima, Ebihara's close friend who is released from prison and chases Misaki
  • Osamu Mukai as Ebihara's enemy Sunakawa
  • Ken Yasuda as Fable's manager Ebihara
  • Ryō Kimura as Code, Hood's partner
  • Kai Inowaki as Kuro, Ebihara's subordinate
  • Ryōka Minami as Fable as a child
  • Masao Yoshii as Kainuma, an employee at the company Fable works part time for in his normal life
  • Toranosuke Katō as an employee at Sunakawa's corrupt business
  • Zuimaru Awashima as Sunakawa's subordinate
  • Ken Mitsuishi as Hamada, the president of a corrupt business
  • Oka Moromoro as the manager of a teppan-yaki restaurant
  • Seiji Rokkaku as a barkeeper
  • Jiro Sato

The film will open in Japan on June 21. Kan Eguchi is directing the film and Yūsuke Watanabe is writing the script.

Minami launched the manga in Kodansha's Young Magazine in November 2014, and Kodansha published the 17th volume on March 6. The series won Best General Manga at the 41st annual Kodansha awards in 2017.

A spinoff manga launched on Kodansha's new "Comic Days" app and web service in March 2018. The spinoff has the same name, but written in Hiragana instead of Katakana.

Sources: Shochiku YouTube channel, Comic Natalie

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