Leiji Matsumoto Supervises New Comic Based on His Universe, Characters

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ANN has confirmed with Monaco-based company Shibuya Productions that Leiji Matsumoto is overseeing a new comic based on the universe of his works. The comic will also feature Matsumoto's characters and machines. The company had originally revealed the project at the MAGIC 2019 event in Monaco on March 9. Shibuya Productions shared several pieces of artwork with ANN.

Didier Tarquin and Lyse Tarquin are writing and drawing the new comic. Shibuya Productions will publish the comic in French and other languages, but the company could not confirm with ANN in which countries and in what other languages it will publish the comic. Shibuya Productions will reveal at a later date who will be the protagonist of the comic.

Matsumoto will contribute to the comic by checking the character designs, providing input on the storyboard and script, and providing ideas for the work.

Thanks to Gwyn Campbell for the news tip.

Source: Email correspondence via Leiji News

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-03-17/leiji-matsumoto-supervises-new-comic-based-on-his-universe-characters/.144411


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