Liar Game, One Outs’ Shinobu Kaitani Launches New Manga

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This year's 16th issue of Kodansha's Young Magazine revealed on Monday that Shinobu Kaitani will launch a new manga titled Shin Shinchō Kōki – Nobunaga-kun to Watashi (The New Official History of Nobunaga – Nobunaga and Me) in the magazine's next issue on March 25. The manga will have a color opening page, and will debut with two chapters for a total of 70 pages.

The magazine teases the manga's story as centering on a high school full of delinquents, and its elite class that has clones of famous warlords from Japan's Warring States period fighting it out.

Kaitani's Liar Game manga ran from 2005 to January 2015. The manga has inspired two live-action films, two live-action television series, and two live-action online series. Kaitani's ONE OUTS manga inspired a television anime in 2008.

Kaitani launched his Muteki no Hito mahjong manga in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine in December 2014, and then moved it to the Magazine Pocket app in June 2016. He ended the manga in October 2016. Kodansha published four volumes for the manga.

Source: Young Magazine issue 16, Shin Shinchō Kōki website

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