Love Live! Anime’s Website Domain Taken Over by Outside Party

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The official Twitter account for the Love Live! franchise reported on Friday that the anime's official website domain was taken over and manipulated by an outside party. The current website at the domain now contains a message that alleges that the outside party did not have to hack via programming or manipulate data to gain control of the domain. Instead, the message claims the party simply applied for a transfer of ownership of the domain.

After 60 seconds, the site at the domain then redirects the visitor to a separate website for another franchise. The site has so far linked to the websites for Kan Colle, Azur Lane, and High School Fleet – all franchises that focus on 20th century warships.

The Love Live! Twitter account noted that the staff is investigating the cause of the incident, but will announce any news for the franchise on the Twitter account for the time being.

The Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow film, the latest anime installment in the franchise, earned 98,963,900 yen (about US$911,690) in its first three days at the box office. The film ranked at #7 for earnings from January 4-6. The film has earned more than 1 billion yen (about US$9.03 million) at the box office in Japan as of February 22.

Thanks to Fredrik Ezekiel de Jesus for the news tip.

Source: Love Live! Twitter account (link 2) via Otakomu

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