LTO: National Certificate II Not a Requirement for Student License

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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has clarified to the public that a certain fake news has been circulating in Facebook regarding the issuance of student permits. According to the said post, applicants are required to submit their National Certificate (NC) II as part of the requirement when they apply for a student permit.

Taken from iTEAC’s Facebook Account

LTO is quick to point out that the post is irresponsible and wrong.

According to them, the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) and the Republic Act No. 10930 that extends the validity of a license and sanctions the actions of law-breakers, confirmed that there is, indeed a process when getting a Student Permit license.

These laws have been mandated by LTO to create the said prerequisites, and serve as a guide to make sure that only qualified driver-applicants who prove their driving competency should be issued a license. Moreover, the applicants should prove that they are knowledgeable not just in road safety rules, but also in proper road courtesy.

Some of the modified laws that LTO is implementing include:

  • Studying at a driving school before you get your driver’s license in the Philippines, or opting for a more affordable driving school provided by the Land Transportation Office LTO.
  • Those who are getting their student driver’s licenses are also required to undergo no less than 15 hours of seminar just to push through with their application.
  • Moreover, students are not allowed to learn from anyone–be it a family member, a relative, or any person who knows how to drive. They’re are now required to learn from a TESDA-certified and LTO-accredited driving instructor.

LTO explained that the goal why they are implementing a stricter process in application is to uplift the quality of licensing. Accordingly, licenses should only be granted to qualified and competent drivers in the country. It’s also a way to avoid road accidents and ensure better road safety ahead.

The agency is currently organizing the details that will serve as a guideline. They will also give an announcement when these changes are taking affect.

LTO also wants to remind the public that laws and IRR can be downloaded at their site at

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