MangaGamer’s Trinoline Game Release Still Slated for April

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Video game localization and publishing company MangaGamer clarified on Thursday that it will still release minori's Trinoline game, despite minori's announcement of its closure earlier this month. The game is still slated to ship on April 18.

MangaGamer also clarified some details on minori's closure, and noted that minori did not declare bankruptcy, and that the company is still willing to work with MangaGamer to localize minori games that have not yet been localized and released overseas. MangaGamer clarified that the fate of the fundraiser for minori's Supipara game is still unknown, and both companies are still in talks about the project.

minori formed in 2000, and its lineup of works include Bittersweet Fools, Wind -a breath of heart-, Haru no Ashioto, Angel Type, ef – a fairy tale of the two., eden*, Supipara, Natsuzora no Perseus, 12 no Tsuki no Eve, Soreyori no Prologue, Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous, Trinoline, and Sono Hi no Kemono ni wa.

MangaGamer published several of minori's titles in English, including eden* and ef – a fairy tale of the two.

ef – a fairy tale of the two. inspired the ef: a tale of melodies and ef: a tale of memories television anime series. Wind: A Breath of Heart inspired a television anime, OVA, and manga. Additionally, Haru no Ashioto inspired the Haru no Ashioto The Movie: Ourin Dakkan video anime.

Sources: MangaGamer, Email correspondence

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