Maxxis PH Adds Latest Scooter Tire in Local Lineup

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Maxxis, through its official distributor AP Blue Whale Corporation, has expanded its scooter tire selection by adding the Maxxis Victra S98 ST.

The latest addition to its collection of top-of-the-line Maxxis scooter tires, the Victra S98 ST is set to provide great traction and stability, perfect for motorsports tracks and high-terrain city roads. Maxxis now has five other variety of motorcycle tires to choose from: the M6161-W, MA-G1, MA-F1 ST, and Extramaxx M6233 and M6234.

Made with a dual-compound material that is soft yet durable, The Victra S98 ST was meant to provide excellent cornering grip and traction for better maneuverability on both macro asphalt and concrete. The flow pattern is specifically designed for control and stability for high-speed drives. Designed with wider groves, the flow pattern also promotes increased grip on wet roads.

Ronald Ang, chief operating officer of AP Blue Whale Corporation, said that they are ready to poised to meet the demands of the Filipino market.

“We are committed to providing our Filipino customers with tires that meet their driving or riding needs. With the growing number of Filipinos choosing motorcycles as their vehicle of choice, we would like to offer our kababayans quality tires that can stand the test of time and of city roads, no matter the road and weather conditions. We are glad that we are able to contribute to better road safety among Filipino scooter riders through the features and capabilities of the Victra S98 ST,” Ang said.

The Victra S98 ST is now available nationwide in the following sizes:

Maxxis MCT 120/70 – 13 Victra S98 ST 53P TL

Maxxis MCT 140/70 – 13 Victra S98 ST 61P TL

Maxxis MCT 110/80 – 14 Victra S98 ST 53P TL

Maxxis MCT 140/70 – 14 Victra S98 ST 62P TL

Maxxis MCT 70/90 – 17 Victra S98 ST 38P TL

Maxxis MCT 120/70 – 17 Victra S98 ST 58P TL


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