Maynilad explains protocol in fixing, tearing up city streets

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Why are city streets being dug up again after being fixed by the Department of Public Works and Highways? 

According to Maynilad corporate communications head Jennifer Rufo, all projects that involve tearing up city streets follow a set protocol wherein public utilities coordinate with government agencies.

She said any Maynilad project that involves laying down new pipes cannot continue without a permit. 

"The concerned agencies will tell us if we need to stop because they are also planning something in the area," she told radio DZMM.

In the case of city streets being torn up again after being fixed by DPWH, she said: "I cannot speak for the other agencies but maybe there is a gap in the communication process. I can only speculate. Definitely this shouldn't happen." 

She added that major projects such as a planned subway need careful coordination.

"This is a huge project that will affect not just Maynilad but a lot of utilities. We are talking about fiber optic lines, sewer lines, etc…Hindi pwede maantala serbisyo because of these projects," she added. Radio DZMM, March 22, 2019 

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