Mazda PH, AAP Renew Commitment to Driver Development

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Bermaz Auto Philippines (BAP), the exclusive distributor of Mazda vehicles and parts in the country, and the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), the country’s oldest and biggest auto club, renew their partnership to train, develop and discover young drivers in the field of motorsports.


For 2019, Mazda Philippines hands over a fresh batch of six brand-new Mazda 2 S sedans. Powered by the peppy, yet fuel-efficient, 1.5-liter Skyactiv-G gasoline engine and equipped with the Skyactiv six-speed Manual Transmission, these six cars will be used by students and participants of the program to be able to apply what they have learned in the program’s classroom instruction. All brand-new Mazda 2 sedan units used in the MSDP are standard road cars with no modifications done.


“Mazda Philippines is a strong advocate of driver development and has been a long-time supporter of the AAP’s program to uplift the driving skills of future generations,” says Steven Tan, president and CEO of BAP. “This is our favorite program because we believe motorsports is a really good place to start educating young drivers. We feel privileged to be associated with the AAP to educate the next generation of drivers in the motorsport arena.”

Tan adds, “Since 2015, the MSDP has made the Mazda 2 the primary school car for teaching its students the rudiments of a higher form of driving. Its nimble and responsive package has contributed to honing the on-road driving skills of young drivers and future racers. Through our common focus in motorsports, AAP and Mazda aim to contribute toward a society where drivers put safety and road discipline above all else.”

“The MSDP combines driving skills with road safety,” shares Mandy Eduque, Sr., chair of the AAP Motorsports Committee. “We believe motorsports competitors are the safest drivers on the road. Without Mazda’s support, we would not be as successful as we’ve been. With the start of the MSDP for 2019, we are hopeful the success will continue and expand further.”

The AAP-Motorsports Development Program is a grassroots training platform designed specifically for young drivers who dream of entering the field of motorsports and become successful race car drivers. The Program aims to prepare young driving enthusiasts, who are physically fit and who have the ‘champion attitude,’ by honing their skills and talents and imbibing in them the discipline needed for motorsports.


Participants of the AAP-Motorsport Development Program will have the unique opportunity to be trained by 10-time National Rally Champion, Vip Isada, and his team of champion race drivers. The participation of young drivers, from ages 15 to 19, will be fully-subsidized by the Program. Enrolment is done online, and slots are limited per session only. The whole training program will be segmented into nine different modules. Each module or training session will consist of three to four hours of lectures and four to five hours of practical driving exercises. MSDP remains to be a nationwide series with workshops also to be conducted in Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro throughout the year.

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