M&C! Launches New ‘Akasha’ Manga Label With 5 New Manga

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Indonesian publisher M&C! announced on Monday that it will launch a new manga label named "Akasha" that will release more mature stories targeted at older readers. The label will launch with five new manga licenses, including Nana Shiiba's The Secret Garden (Himitsu no Hanazono), Passionate Lover (Shinshoku Syndrome), and Doctor's Love Files (Itaku shite Ii yo.); Minami's Hitotsubana: The Cursed Flower; and Hikaru Asagi's Wavering Love (Yurekoi – Dame, Dakedo Suki). All five manga will begin releasing on May 8.

M&C! describes The Secret Garden:

"The aroma of a forbidden flower drew me in…"

While attending his boss' funeral, Kazuki took one look at the widow Shiori and fell in love. Kazuki knows the impropriety of his actions, but he keeps visiting Shiori, ostensibly to talk about her late husband. Eventually, a certain truth is revealed.

Shogakukan published the book in January 2017. The book collects three short stories by Shiiba, including the title story, as well as "The Lost Kitten" (Maigo no Koneko-san) and "Where is My House?" (Watashi no Ouchi wa Doko desu ka?).

M&C! describes Passionate Lover:

~Passionate Lover~
"I will make you unable to live without me."

~Warm Space~
"The place you call home is my home."

~Be My Pet~
"Starting today, I'm replacing the hamster section chief!"

~Love Drunk~
"Five years ago, I had a forbidden love affair with a student."

Shogakukan published the book in May 2016. The book contains four short stories by Shiiba.

M&C! describes Doctor's Love Files:

After getting into a traffic accident, Rikako woke up to discover that she was being treated in a hospital for celebrity personalities! The doctor in charge of her was the handsome Dr. Shigi, whose words and actions all seemed to say, "Trust everything about me." However, there were other doctors in the hospital. Dr. Sakou has the charm of a gentleman and excels at pampering his patients. Dr. Kikkawa is a genius, but cold-hearted surgeon. Will you be admitted into the hospital full of handsome doctors?

Shogkaukan released the book in March 2015.

M&C! previously released Shiiba's Bad Boy's Lover (Akuma na Kare to Ikenie Tenshi), My Cool Angel (Datenshi ga Yattekita.), May I be in love with you? (Kimi ni Koishite Ii desu ka.), My Annoying Sensei (Sensei wa Sadistic), Don't Say to Anyone Else About Us, (Nee, Darenimo Himitsu da yo), and Stop Making My Heart Flutter (Tokimeichatte Gomen ne?).

M&C! describes Hitotsubana: The Cursed Flower:

It started with his first crush toward an admired upperclassman. But that innocent love planted the seed of something darker in the young man's heart, blossoming into an abnormal obsession.
"You will be mine, whatever it takes."
Where will this hate-filled love bring them both?

Minami launched the manga in Shogakukan's Sunday Webry manga website in 2017, and ended it in 2018. Shogakukan published seven compiled book volumes for the manga.

M&C! describes Wavering Love:

I harbored a secret that I couldn't even tell to my own boyfriend, Hinato. But the one who reached out to me was my classmate, Hiyoshi, who said, "I really can't leave you alone, can I?" Hiyoshi gently melts my frozen heart.

Asagi published the manga in Shogakukan's Sho-Comi magazine in 2017. Shogakukan published one compiled book volume for the manga.

Shogakukan previously published Asagi's When I'm Beside You (Ace-kun no Tonari), The Day We Fell In Love (Bokura wa Ano Hi Koi Shita.), Boys in Love (Danshi Gokoro), My Secret Darling (Himitsu no Danna-sama.), Cute Boy (Kawaii Hito.), Pure Boyfriend (Pure Kare.), Ikki's Heroine (Ikki-kun no Heroine), Goddess of My Heart (Seitokai wa Megami o Sagashiteru.), and Sensei and His Liar Girlfriend (Sensei to Usotsuki Kanojo).

Source: M&C! Facebook page via Kaori Nusantara

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-24/m-c-launches-new-akasha-manga-label-with-5-new-manga/.146057


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