M&C! Licenses Always be With You, First Love Story With You Manga

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Indonesian publisher M&C! announced last week that it has licensed Tamako Momo's Always be With You (Kore Kara mo, Futari de.), Mashiro Ōki's First Love Story With You (Kimi to Hatsukoi no Hanashi.), and Yukichi Nakamura's Lovely Idol (Zettai Fukujū Idol) manga. All three manga will release on May 1.

The Always be With You manga centers on a girl named Sayo and a boy named Taichi. In their first relationship with each other, they have experienced a dream-like time together. But now the time has come for them to be separated, and become ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend.

Momo launched the manga in Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine in December 2013, and ended it in 2014. Shogakukan published one compiled book volume for the manga in June 2014. The manga is a sequel to Momo's earlier Hajimete wa, Futari de. manga, which launched in Betsucomi in July 2013, and ended in November of the same year. Shogakukan published one volume for the manga.

M&C! previously published Momo's Secret Admirer (Seito Kaichou no Totteoki) manga.

M&C! describes First Love Story With You:

It has been three months since Hiina started her junior high school life. While people around her were chatting about love, to the bookworm Hiina, it was not a word present in her dictionary. But suddenly, while in the library, school basketball player and popular guy Kashino asked her out?!

Shogkakukan published the book in April 2018. The book compiles six short manga from Ōki. In addition to the title story, the book also contains the short manga "Okashi Mitai na Koi Shitai!" (I Want a Love Like Candy!), "Docchi ga Unmei desu ka?" (Which is My Destiny?), "Kanojo ni Naritai!" (I Want to be a Girl!), "Gochūmon wa Hatsukoi desu ka?" (Did You Order First Love?), and "Gohōbi Kiss" (A Kiss as a Reward).

M&C! previously published Ōki's Flowery Wedding (Hanasaku Wedding) manga.

Lovely Idol centers on Nina, a college student who moonlights as an idol performer three times a week in the underground scene. No one in her university knows about it, and she doesn't tell anyone, until her handsome batchmate Minato inadvertently finds out. While Nina once thought that Minato was cool and kind, it turns out that he is a sadistic pervert. But if Nina doesn't do as Minato says, he will reveal her secret to the whole school.

Nakamura launched the manga in Shogakukan's Cheese! magazine in April 2015, and ended it in June 2015. Shogakukan published one compiled book volume for the manga in August 2015. The book also contains the short manga "Itsuka Hadaka no Ōji-sama ga" (One Day, the Naked Prince Will) and "Koi no Aji" (The Taste of Love) by Nakamura.

M&C! previously published Nakamura's Friday I am in Love (Kinyōbi wa Hatsukoi), Love x Joint, and Apple Kisses on Sunday Morning (Nichiyōbi no Ringo) manga.

Source: M&C!

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-16/m-c-licenses-always-be-with-you-first-love-story-with-you-manga/.145782


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