M&C! Licenses Love in Focus, ‘And Yet, You are So Sweet’ Manga

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Indonesian publisher M&C! announced on Thursday that it has licensed Yōko Nogiri's Love in Focus (Renzu-sō no Sankaku) and Kujira Anan's And Yet, You are So Sweet (Na no ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru) manga. The company will begin releasing both manga on April 24.

M&C! describes Love in Focus:

A love triangle under one roof! Through her grandfather, Mako Mochizuki inherited a passion for photography. When she received an invitation from her childhood friend Kei Akahoshi, she leaves her hometown to join Kei in a high school famous for its photography club. Mako is eager to start her new life at Hasumi Villa (aka Villa Lensa), which has a characteristic triangular roof. But once there, she gets to know Mitsuru Amemura, an unsociable person who doesn't like having his picture taken.

Nogiri launched the manga in Kodansha's ARIA magazine in November 2016, and ended it in March 2018 in the magazine's final issue. Kodansha published the manga's third and final compiled book volume last May.

M&C! describes And Yet, You are So Sweet:

Maaya's first confession of love is a rejection, and becomes a part of her dark history, never to be mentioned or thought of again. Only a day after, she takes her turn as librarian assistant for the school library, and alongside her is the handsome Chigira-kun, who tells her that he will pretend to have a crush on her to comfort her. Maaya knows it's all just an act to make her feel better, but what should she do if she falls in love?

Anan launched the manga in ARIA in 2017, and ended it in the same year. Kodansha published one compiled book volume for the manga in January 2018.

M&C! previously published Anan's My Alien Lover (Boku wa Uchūjin ni Koi o Shita.) and Maruko and the Prince of Mathematics (Maruko to Sūgaku Ōji) manga.

Source: M&C!

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-04/m-c-licenses-love-in-focus-and-yet-you-are-so-sweet-manga/.145385


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