M&C! Licenses You Must Never Be in Love, Hosaka’s Shameless Love Manga

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Indonesian publisher M&C! announced on Wednesday that it has licensed Haru Tsukishima's You Must Never Be in Love and Haruko Kurumatani's Hosaka's Shameless Love (Hosaka-sensei no Ai no Muchi) manga. The company will release the first volume of the former on April 17, and the latter on April 10.

The manga centers on Sakura Nishiyama, a first-year high school girl who has just had her confession turned down by her crush Hatano. On the same day, she finds out that her mother is planning to remarry a man with his own son, and that she will have a new younger brother named Kaede. Overjoyed, she quickly gets over being turned down by her crush, and begins to dote on her new brother. Unknown to her, Kaede had earlier seen Sakura being rejected.

Tsukishima launched the manga in Kodansha's Dessert magazine in September 2017. Kodansha published the manga's third volume on January 11.

M&C! has currently published two volumes of Tsukishima's Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Loves Me (Suki Kirai Suki manga and four volumes of Tsukishima's The Walls Between Us (Watashi-tachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru.) manga.

M&C! describes Hosaka's Shameless Love:

"Why are your proposing to me?!"

Karen Kawai has a problem with the way she looks. No matter what she does, she still looks scary. As a nursery teacher, she inadvertently makes kids cry every single day on the job, entirely due to her face. Into her troubled work life enters Hosaka, a cool and collected man who seems good with the children. While she welcomes him, Hosaka told her one day, "Moving forward, I'd like to work together toward marriage."

Kurumatani launched the manga in Kodansha's ARIA magazine in December 2016, and ended it in December 2017. Kodansha published three compiled book volumes for the manga.

M&C! previously published Kurumatani's With you, the first time (Hajimete o anata to) manga in 2016.

Source: M&C! (link 2)

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-03-28/m-c-licenses-you-must-never-be-in-love-hosaka-shameless-love-manga/.145108


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