MIAS 2019: ACDelco Ready to Take Japanese Market with Thunder Automotive

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ACDelco, one of the forerunners in the automotive aftermarket parts industry, has expressed confidence with its latest partner in the Philippines in taking on the the Japanese market with its wide array of offerings.

During an interview at the 2019 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), Rommel Ramos, area aftersales leader of GMI service operations, told CARMUDI PHILIPPINES that the latest partnership came about in August 2018. According to him, the partnership with Thunder Automotive started from a shortlist of three applicants.

“Thunder Automotive has a proven track record and has a firm grasp of the market. They have basically grew up with the brand,” Ramos said.

At the 2019 MIAS, ACDelco is participating under the banner of Thunder Automotive Parts, Inc.. As part of Thunder Automotive’s commitment to customer service, it will make ACDelco more readily available by expanding its network across the Philippines through regional distributorship.

Thunder Automotive is widely famous for original dealer-only parts, and it is set on making ACDelco’s top-of-the-line products readily available nationwide.

With a range that includes over 90,000 products across 37 product lines, this ensures distributors access to a market that encompasses the majority of Philippine automotive consumers. It also offers a wide range of high grade oils and chemicals for optimal vehicle maintenance. In a nutshell, below are the products that AC Delco will be offering locally.

ACDelco Oils & Lubricants–ACDelco highlights an innovative line of engine oils, including efficient and cost-effective mineral oil, semi-synthetic or 100 percent synthetic oil, and the flagship Dexos line, all of which are designed to keep engines in peak performance through optimal wear protection with the stringent ACDelco Process Controls and Quality Checks system.

ACDelco Battery–With heavy-duty Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries, ACDelco guarantees customers’ safety, preventing explosion from sparks outside the battery. The use of lead calcium grids provide convenience and durability while successfully minimizing corrosion and water loss. This effectively requires zero maintenance within a 12-month shelf life without charging.

ACDelco Chemicals and Cleaners–From brake oils, coolants, carburetor and fuel system cleaners, to transmission fluids, ACDelco offers a full range of car care system products designed to completely enhance vehicle maintenance both inside and out.

Wiper Blades–ACDelco’s brand of wiper blades are aerodynamically-engineered to clean whatever is thrown at your windshield. It features even pressure distribution, longer rubber life cycle with easy installation, streak-free cleaning, and optimal durability.

Spark Plugs–ACDelco’s historic tradition of excellence first began with the spark plug in 1908 which helped ignite the company’s long-standing reputation for quality. ACDelco spark plugs offer unparalleled design that can be adapted to each consumer’s needs, whether it be an older vehicle or the platinum performance linefor the latest models.

Parts–ACDelco also has an arsenal of GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco Original Equipment Parts engineered for Chevrolet, Cadillac and other non-GM car models. It offers an extensive range that includes over 90,000 parts across 37 product lines, with millions of vehicles around the world fitted with ACDelco’s reliable air conditioning, filters, brakes, water pumps, struts, shocks , chassis, and more.

Relatedly, Ramos said that they have set a PHP50 million target for Thunder Automotive, to which Ramos said is a doable target.

“We both share the same trust to our brands and we both believe that this can be done,” he said.

Source From:https://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/ac-delco-ready-to-take-japanese-market-with-thunder-automotive/


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