Microsoft’s ‘Phantom White’ Xbox controller is gorgeous and available to preorder

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Gamers with grimy hands will want to steer way clear of Microsoft's new Phantom White Xbox wireless controller—it's the sort of thing that will highlight Cheetos residue in ways that darker controllers may not. For everyone else, however, the new color option is certainly snazzy.

Granted, the regular Xbox One controller is not on the same level as the Elite, which is one of the best controllers for PC gaming. If you're not looking for a luxury option, though, but still prefer the shape over Sony's DualShock 4, the new Phantom White looks like it would nicely complement a white-themed PC.

This is the second in the Phantom series, the first being a Phantom Black controller. Like that one, the Phantom White is partially translucent, with the color fading away at the top to reveal the controller's innards. It also features a textured grip and gray accents around glossy white buttons and triggers.

As it's based on the latest revision, it sports a 3.5mm headphone jack and, importantly, Bluetooth connectivity for gaming on a PC. If this tickles your fancy, you can place a preorder through the Microsoft Store, for $69.99. It will be available on April 2.

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