Mobile Legends Professional League PH Season 3 – Revisit!

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Many things happens on the venue, although i couldn’t sit on the gaming chair and feel the pressure like BREN esports did. but i already feel how much they try to win this competition isn’t a joke. Arkangel is a pretty tough opponent too. if you look their gameplay is on par with BREN esports but again, strategy is the matter most to win and grab the title of MPL PH Season 3 championship.

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This tournament is brought to you by Moonton and supported by UniPin as elite sponsor, the crowd are pretty hype when they can see their favorite player kill each other and maintain the nervousness on the stage. Moonton once again present this tournament to let public aware of the strength upon BREN Esports from Phillipines.

Take a quick look on what happens on MPL ID S3, things goes smoothly and the winner is ONIC esports without break their consecutive win since their trust each member equally. this is what i can learn from both of team have their playstyle, their unique characteristic. but they also have one similiarity and that’s what we called ‘trust’.

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Trust is a word that sometimes keep being forgotten by us, i already know there’s such a deep definition behind those sentences.

Let’s say if we wants to invade enemy’s jungle or setting up an ambush, we shall believe our teammate as well in order to win the fights. not only that, many people should know that playing Mobile Legends on the stage isn’t kind of entertainment anymore. or i should say.. it’s one of a kind miracle that happens within our life. since many unexpected things could goes wrong or good in a match.

Last but not least, many players of mobile legends necessarily train hard by their teammate in order to create a solid yet beautiful bond.



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