Monster Boy developer announces DuckTales QuackShots

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Game Atelier and FDG Entertainment, the developer and publisher of Monster Boy, are now working on a new DuckTales game, apparently. DuckTales Quackshots features Donald and his nephews jumping around the world, exploring ruins and platforming, but given the date it might not be a good idea to take this at face value. 

April 1 is the worst day for news writers, and just generally, and you can't trust anything you see today. That said, this would be a really weird gag—there's no joke, just a welcome surprise. I'm leaning towards legit. 

QuackShot Starring Donald Duck is a 1991 Mega Drive platformer, and it's not entirely clear if DuckTales QuackShots is a sequel or a remake. The extra 's' suggests and absence of the 'remastered' label suggests the former, though the screenshots are definitely attempting to evoke the original. They also look great! Check them out below. 

(Image credit: FDG Entertainment)

(Image credit: FDG Entertainment)

(Image credit: FDG Entertainment)

(Image credit: FDG Entertainment)

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