MSI has Intel 10th gen gaming laptops ready for launch, others could arrive as late as June

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Next-gen gaming laptops are the big news of the day, and MSI reckons that it could be one of the only manufacturers who actually has stock right now. That means your best chance of picking up a new Intel Comet Lake-H or Nvidia Super gaming notebook could rest with the Taiwanese tech giant.

With the announcement of Intel's 10th Gen H-series gaming laptop CPUs. We've been looking forward to putting these gen-ten laptops through their paces but, due to global supply chain shortages, our most significant question is when?

Earlier this month, we reported how the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak had impacted both supply chain and manufacturing, affecting everything from game development to hardware manufacturing. The ripple effect of this is that some manufacturers might have issues fulfilling orders of 10th Gen H-series gaming laptops due to release this month except MSI.

"Since we have our factories, we have better control in the production and shipping." an MSI representative told us recently. "For sure, we will have some of the 10th gen laptops available to the market on 4/15 (sales embargo date)." 

Essentially the fact that MSI pretty much owns its entire supply chain (factories, testing, etc.), which remain seemingly unaffected, means it can still continue to manufacture and ship product to the US and the rest of the world.

A source at Intel also suggested that MSI might be our best shot at getting hold of 10th Gen laptops, seemingly supporting that statement. Such a manufacturing lead would give them a huge leg up on the competition as other companies adjust to supply chain issues and other manufacturing shortages in China and the rest of the world. 

MSI isn't the only company to have a good grasp on its supply chain, however, and it will be interesting to see where the likes of Asus and Gigabyte figure in this assessment. But MSI still seems confident that it's got the stock in place right now, while others haven't.

"From the information we received," our MSI source concluded, "most of the other brands will receive inventory in late April, or even May or June timeframe." 

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