My Friend Pedro is coming in June, here’s a ridiculous trailer to watch while you wait

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Tom described My Friend Pedro in 2016 as "a 2D Max Payne that looks bananas." Two years later, he declared to the world that he was sick of waiting for it—but, temporal reality being what it is, he would continue waiting anyway, because the preview build he played was "stupidly good fun." He'll be happy to know that his wait is almost over, as Devolver announced today that it will finally be out in June. 

There's no specific release date yet, but I'm willing to let that slide because what we have instead is a new gameplay trailer that is, to use the precise scientific terminology, absolutely bonkers. It's two-fisted, fully automatic, and wildly violent, and there is also a giant, sentient banana lurking in the background, smiling approvingly when you artfully massacre the crap out of guys who I assume are bad in some way. 

(They have guns, after all, and they appear to be hanging out in a seedy part of town, although according to the Steam listing you're only murdering them all because the banana told you to. Maybe it said "Would you kindly?")

Hey, whatever. My Friend Pedro looks nuts (on more than one level), and it's not as though I haven't committed high-velocity videogame mass murder on thin pretexts before now. If the banana wants me to put these bozos in the ground, consider the hole dug. 

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