Naruto: SlugFest is Available Now on UniPin

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Hi UniPin Friends!

Naruto: Slugfest is coming! This 3D Open world MMORPG is based on the Naruto Shippūden Series. Fans of the series can fanmode within the game as they join Naruto to complete on missions!

What stands out about Naruto: Slugfest is that the game is officially licensed, and it promises a true adaptation of the Naruto Shippuden Series that Fans worldwide love! Naruto is a 20-year standing brand popular world-wide with a solid fanbase of millions if not billions.

Also, great news, you can top up Gold on UniPin!

It’s easy! Just fill in the ID, select the desired denomination, complete the payment, and Gold will immediately added to your Naruto: SlugFest Account!


Download and Play Naruto: Slugfest in here: Android


Top up your Gold at

Naruto: SlugFest is Available Now on UniPin

Happy Gaming, UniPin Friends!


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