Naruto: Song of the Akatsuki Musical Unveils Akatsuki Members

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The official website for the new run of the Live Spectacle Naruto: Akatsuki no Shirabe (Live Spectacle Naruto: Song of the Akatsuki) stage musical revealed a new key visual and four new cast visuals for the Akatsuki members on Monday.

The newly revealed visuals for the cast members are as follows:

Teruma as Pain

Takeshi Hayashino as Kisame Hoshigaki

Ryō Tsuji as Deidara

Hironori Katayama as Tobi

The play will have a total of 17 cast members and six ensemble members. Akiko Kodama again is directing the musical and writing the script, and Shunsuke Wada is again composing the music.

The play will run in Osaka from October 25 through November 4, then in Tokyo from November 8-10 and November 15-December 1.

Live Spectacle Naruto: Akatsuki no Shirabe first ran in Tokyo in May-June 2017, in Osaka in June 2017, then again in Tokyo in July-August 2017. The musical had a performance in Singapore in June 2017 with the English title Naruto: Song of the Akatsuki.

The first musical held performances from March to May 2015 in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Miyagi. The musical then held international performances in Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore. The second run of the musical ran in Osaka and Tokyo from July-August 2016.

The first Live Spectacle Naruto musical covered the manga's story from the first to 27th volume. The production included drama, songs, dance, and acrobatics.

Masashi Kishimoto's original manga has also inspired a kabuki play that ran from August 4-27 last year at the Shinbashi Enbujō theater in Tokyo, and is also running at the the historical Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto from June 2-28.

Source: Live Spectacle Naruto: Akatsuki no Shirabe website, Comic Natalie

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