Nocturne Boogie Anime Short Series Produced via Remote Work for July 10 Debut

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Nocturne Boogie, a series of anime shorts produced entirely through remote work, will premiere on the GyaO! and YouTube services on July 10. Creator Junpei Morita ("Morita-to-Jumpei," Occultic;Nine, Lost Song) completed the project while experimenting with new ways of production, after the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) limited the use of traditional facilities.

The premise of the series imagines if the roommates of a particular home were monsters, all trying to live normally while keeping their true nature a secret from each other.

The cast members are:

Asami Seto as Mari Yumenaka, a would-be succubus who actually has no experience with the opposite gender and believes only what she reads in a romance advice magazine.

Seiichirō Yamashita as Mariya Kyūketsu, a strikingly handsome, suave professional photographer who is actually a legendary vampire over three centuries old. He must drink the blood of girls, but he is attracted to boys.

Hitomi Yoshida as Rui Ōkami, a gal magazine model who transforms into a wolf when she sees a full moon — or anything round, for that matter. As a werewolf, she has a complex about her hairiness.

Yuuto Suzuki as Kiyoshi Ōrai, a boyish professional gigolo who dreams of making it big — and is actually a reanimated jiangshi corpse. He freezes when the round red mark on his temple is touched, and becomes obedient when a command charm is affixed upon him.

Saori Hayami as Tamako Idoyana, a photographer for websites who regularly posts a photo blog, despite being a ghostly spirit. She uses Photoshop — not to make fake spirit photographs, but to hide traces of her spirit side.

Tsuyoshi Koyama as Shū Kageyama, an enigmatic private investigator who is the only actual human among the roommates. The catch is that he is secretly a monster hunter specializing in the denizens of the dark, and the other roommates would be in deep trouble if he knew their true nature.

(Each of the characters' names features a Japanese wordplay on their true nature.)

Morita not only created the anime's premise, but also directed and wrote the episodes. Yūsuke Shirato (Kochoki) scored the music. Similar to other anime like Tiger & Bunny, Nocturne Boogie offers both corporations and individuals the opportunity to buy ad space within the anime itself, with rates starting at 1,000 yen (about US$10).

Source: Nocturne Boogie anime's website, MoCa

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