Okko’s Inn Film’s GAGA Establishes Anime Company

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Film company GAGA (formerly known as GAGA Communications) established GAGA Animations Company on Monday. GAGA reorganized its existing anime division to form the new in-house company.

The new company's president is Keisuke Iwata, head of GAGA's previous anime division. Iwata began his career at TV Tokyo, and he was put in charge of the company's anime division. He later became representative director of the television channel AT-X. He joined GAGA in November 2018 to strengthen its anime business.

According to GAGA, the anime business uses different business models than GAGA previously used with Western and Japanese films it has been involved with. Therefore, the necessary management resources changed, and the company responded to those circumstances with Iwata as head of the new in-house company that will independently manage anime projects.

GAGA produces Japanese films as well as distributes Western films. GAGA's managing parent companies have changed repeatedly since 2000, and its current major shareholders include Huis Ten Bosch, CREEK & RIVER, and president and CEO Tatsumi Yoda. The company advanced in the anime industry in 2016 and produced and distributed the Okko's Inn film (seen above right) in 2018.

Sources: Press release, Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-01/okko-inn-film-gaga-establishes-anime-company/.145275


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