Pac-Man is celebrating his 40th birthday by starting a Twitch career

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Pac-Man turns 40 this year, so naturally he's having a bit of a mid-life crisis and has decided to start a Twitch channel. The yellow glutton isn't embarking on a streaming career, however, but you will be able to play the imminent Pac-Man Live Studio on it. 

The latest Pac-Man is a free co-op affair for up to four players. There's a quartet of modes, including the 1980 classic version, but throughout it all you'll be eating and navigating mazes just like you'd expect. There's no download; just play it directly on the game's Twitch channel. 

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Daedalus, you can also create your own labyrinths and share them in the hopes of getting high up on the global maze charts. How will you know you're cool otherwise? 

Twitch dipped its toes into the game platform racket in 2017 when it briefly sold them, but it never really played to its strengths. Twitch Plays have proved to be a lot more popular, with chat all trying to finish a single game together, from Pokemon to Dark Souls. Pac-Man Live Studio is played just like a regular game, but it still seems like it's in the vicinity of Twitch Plays, blurring the line between streaming and playing. 

You'll be able to indulge Pac-Man in his bid to become a Twitch star in June. 

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