Penerbit Haru Licenses Kanae Minato’s Confessions Novel

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Indonesian publisher Penerbit Haru announced on Monday that it has licensed Kanae Minato's Kokuhaku novel, and will release it in Indonesia this year under the title Confessions.

The novel centers on a high school teacher named Yūko Moriguchi, who is the homeroom teacher to a class of undisciplined and rowdy students. The story begins when Moriguchi announces to the class that her daughter Manami has passed away, and proclaiming that she knows that Manami was murdered, and that a group of students in her class were directly responsible or party to the murder. She resigns her position from the school, and begins an elaborate plan to exact her vengeance. The novel tackles the points of view of Yūko, the murderers, and the lives of the people around them.

Minato released the novel in 2008. Marumi Kimura adapted the novel into a manga in Futabasha's Jour Suteki na Shufu tachi magazine in 2010, and Futabasha published one compiled book volume for the manga. The novel also inspired a live-action film adaptation in 2010.

Source: Penerbit Haru's Instagram account

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