Penguindrum’s Isuzu Shibata Launches New Manga

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Gentosha Comics, Inc.'s Comic Boost manga website and app launched a prologue chapter for Isuzu Shibata's new manga Realive! ~Teito Kagura-butai~ on Friday. GMO Live Games, Inc. is credited with the original work, Thousand Script is credited with the original story plan, and Yomi Sarachi is the original character designer.

The manga is part of a larger franchise, with GMO Live Games Inc. releasing a smartphone game this month.

The manga takes place in an alternate Taisho era year 19 (1930) in Tokyo. Monsters called "Kuromitama" suddenly start to appear in this world through a gate called "Kuremon," and stand in opposition to humanity. Only the singing group "Kagurabukan," who have both courage and hope, have the power to exorcise the monsters.

Shibata launched a manga adaptation of Kunihiko Ikuhara's Penguindrum anime in Gentosha's Monthly Comic Birz magazine, and ended it in January 2017. Gentosha published five compiled book volumes for the manga.

Seven Seas Entertainment will release the manga digitally and in print starting on December 3.

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