Pokémon Masters Smartphone Game to Change Title to Pokémon Masters EX

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<!––>DeNA and The Pokémon Company announced on Monday that the Pokémon Masters smartphone game will be changing its title to Pokémon Masters EX in a future update. A new website also launched for the game on Monday.

DeNA also announced new events, bonuses, and other limited-time features that will launch leading up to the one-year anniversary of the game:

The Dragon-type sync pair Sygna Suit Cynthia and Kommo-o will debut.

A new "Legendary Event" called "New World Dilemma" featuring the sync pair Cyrus and Palkia as well as a "Rock-Type Egg Event" will be available.

A celebration-themed Pokemon Center will be available.

The company also announced that the Dragon-type sync pair of Lance and Dragonite will also become available for a limited-time in the sync pair Spotlight Scout from August 20 at 2:00 a.m. to September 3 at 1:59 a.m. EDT.

DeNA launched the Pokémon Masters smartphone game in August 2019 for iOS and Android devices.

The game lets players "battle alongside your favorite Pokémon Trainers from the main series RPGs." Important Trainers from past Pokémon games appear in the smartphone game in Sync Pairs with a single Pokémon. Players form groups of three Sync Pairs to participate in three-versus-three battles to try to win a tournament on the artificial island of Pasio. The game's real-time battles have players use a move gauge to attack as quickly as possible and fill the gauge. Trainers themselves can also use moves to heal Pokémon or raise their stats.

The original idea for the game came from GAME FREAK's Ken Sugimori, who suggested a game featuring all the past and present Pokémon trainers in the series.

Source: Press release

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-08-17/pokemon-masters-smartphone-game-to-change-title-to-pokemon-masters-ex/.162972


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