Privacy4 Cars Lets You Protect the Data You Share with Your Vehicle

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Living in a digital world means having your data stored everywhere you go. And this doesn’t just occur with your mobile phone, laptop, or even personal computer. If your car uses software, bluetooth and the Internet, then chances are it can store data without you even knowing it. The question is: are you prepared to let someone see that digital information trail without your permission?

According to Andrea Amico, founder of Privacy4Cars, many of the used cars sold in dealers still contain the previous users’ information in a car’s hard drive. This isn’t surprising; phone syncing, which is one of the most common features of vehicles today, is one of the features drivers use whether they own or rent a used car. And with millions of vehicle owners who use them every day (and every year), then it’s easy to see how many drivers unknowingly leave a lot of private information when they sell or rent out a used vehicle.

One way to prevent this from happening is to use the app, Privacy4Cars. This app is ideal for used car sellers and rental car companies that need to clean their data after being rented. Recently, Privacy4Cars announced its partnership with America’s Auto Auction, and will be “data cleaning” all the used car of the company. The app will also offer a subscription-based upgrade for people and companies who purchase used cars and resell them from the 23 locations of America’s Auto Auction.

The app is easy to use and user-friendly. It offers users a step-by-step instruction on how to wipe out personally identifiable information (known as PII) for hundreds of various models. The app adds one new model each week, making sure that the list remains updated to cater to a much wider demographic.


According to Amico, the time it takes to delete private data from a used car can vary. Some vehicles might need a few steps to delete all the files, especially if there is little data shared and used while the car was used. However, some  might require a long time, and take many steps (with double-digit numbers) before the process is entirely completed. This is especially true if the users aren’t familiar with the app.

You can learrn more about Privacy4Cars by clicking this site.

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