Razer’s new range of gaming kit improves on its best-known headsets, mice, and planks

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Razer has announced a new mini-range of gaming peripherals, bringing together PC kit based on some of their existing, most-celebrated and best-selling hardware. The Razer Kraken headset, Basilisk mouse, and BlackWidow keyboard have all been given revamps, while retaining key features from the predecessors that inspired them.

Beginning the third generation of Kraken headsets, the latest in the lineup builds on the great success that was the Kraken Pro V2. Now simply called the Razer Kraken, the new headset will come in a variety of colors—though the two leading will be the familiar bright green and a smart new blue style—and takes inspiration from its predecessor and the flagship Tournament Edition model which launched last year. It adds 50mm drivers and an improved retractable microphone as its main features, and still comes in that delightful(?) green. Elsewhere the earcups have enhanced cooling-gel infused pads and the cushioning has been increased on the headband. Given the popularity and excellence of the Kraken Pro V2 as a no-fuss mid-range pair of cans, we think this is probably the highlight of the trio and you can read our full review of the headset here. It’s now slightly cheaper than the suggested retail price of the Kraken V2 ($80/£80), so looks like a tasty prospect.

The Razer Basilisk Essential mouse uses a similar ergonomic right-handed design that the original Basilisk mouse had and features seven configurable and customisable buttons utilizing Razer’s Mechanical Mouse Switches. The thumb-operated multi-function paddle on one side remains and this can be programmed for any function you should need-from in-game shooting shortcut to push-to-talk comms to press and hold functions. This wired mouse looks to encapsulate all that Razer mice do well from sleek design to effective functionality and will serve as an accessible way into their gaming mice collection. It will launch at around the $60/£50 mark, although that seems a little high considering you can often pick up our best gaming mouse, the Deathadder Elite, for slightly less.

Finishing off the package is the BlackWidow keyboard. This latest entry in the range shares many features with the flagship BlackWidow Elite, including the tactile and clicky Green Mechanical Switches. These switches feature a tactile bump and distinctive click sound, with optimized actuation and reset points that’ll help players achieve excellent standards for both gaming and everyday use, and it’ll launch at around $150/£120. Will it transplant the Elite in our guide to the best gaming keyboards? Our review is imminent.

If you’ve always fancied jumping on the Razer train then these items are well priced and offer the benefit of years of design and performance improvements. Of all three, we reckon the headset is best, although the keyboard is a great plank too. We’d maybe pass on the mouse, because there are better pointers out there, but the Basilisk is still a decent model if you have to get everything matching and neat. 

Source From:https://www.pcgamer.com/revised-and-refined-razers-new-range-of-gaming-kit-improves-on-already-great-headsets-mice-and-planks/


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