RealTime Racing’s Honda Collection Rivals Honda’s Own

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RealTime Racing, an American motorsports team founded by racer Peter Cunningham in 1987, has been synonymous with Honda and Acura for nearly three decades. And all that time, a lot of cars from the Japanese brand has certainly passed through the team’s hands. Cunningham started showcasing his collection when he opened RealTime Collection Hall Honda museum back in 2016, and with a quick glance at the cars, one could argue that it’s even better than those found in the Honda Collection Hall.

The RealTime collection began with a first-gen CRX Si, which naturally was the first car of the collection. A fourth-gen Prelude followed, and many more got added as the years went on.

Among the vehicles on display is a modified Acura TSX which, like Cunningham, is a veteran of many races past. A couple of models were never originally sold in the US, including a second-gen Integra Type R and Honda’s Nurburgring test car. There’s also Cunningham’s pride and joy, a 35-year old, three-door 1981 Accord, which has been preserved so well it may as well have been built yesterday.


But Cunningham certainly saved the best for last. The penultimate car in the collection is a stunning 1964 S600 that houses a 660cc engine with 57 hp and 9,500 rpm capabilities. To this day, these statistics deliver some of the highest engine ratios of any production car ever sold.


But the star of the show is not a car at all, but a faithful recreation of the first-ever Honda dealership in the US from the 1950s. Cunningham took the time to research images and information about Honda’s first American venture, and the result is an exact replica of the building storefront, complete with the exact truck displayed in one of the original pictures.


Suffice to say, Cunningham certainly loves Honda. Check out some the images from the collection below.

And here’s a video tour of the collection to feast your eyes on.

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