Riot’s new shooter Valorant is launching a closed beta next week

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Riot Games' hardcore competitive FPS Valorant is launching a closed beta for players to jump into. The closed beta will begin April 7 and will be available to players in Europe, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and the US. 

This is the first time that Riot will allow players to get hands-on with the 5v5 shooter, but only in the regions specified. The press release says that there might be a possibility for other regions to join the beta but it depends on "developments with the current COVID-19 pandemic".

Here's how you get access to the beta:

  •  Register for a Riot account (create a Riot account here
  •  Link your Riot account to a Twitch account (create a Twitch account here
  •  When closed beta activates in your region (EU and NA for now), watch specific Valorant streams highlighted on Twitch for the opportunity to be entitled for Closed Beta access 

There's no information on how long the closed beta will be available for and Riot asks that player check the game's official website for more info about the beta and Twitch entitlement guidelines. Riot has also yet to confirm Valorant's release date but is aiming to launch this summer, explaining that the date will be finalised depending on the feedback from the beta.

We've had a chance to play Valorant, so check out Wes' impressions, information about the game's characters, and, for a deeper look into the technical side of Vaorant read our interview with Riot's netcode pro.

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