Sadako Horror Film Opens in Indonesia on August 28

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Indonesian film distributor Encore Films Indonesia revealed last Friday that the Indonesian screenings for Sadako, the Ring horror franchise's new film, will open on August 28.

The film opened in Japan on May 24. The film has earned a total of 645,099,600 yen (about US$5.94 million) as of June 14.

Hideo Nakata returned to the franchise as director. Elaiza Ikeda played the protagonist, a psychiatrist named Mayu Akikawa. The story shows the origins of the franchise's iconic antagonist Sadako.

The film is based on Koji Suzuki's novel Tide, the sixth and latest installment in the Ring novel series that has inspired the film franchise.

<!–The Ring horror film franchise is based on Koji Suzuki’s novel of the same name.–> The franchise has received five previous regular Japanese films, as well as two Sadako 3D films. (A television movie of the original novel predated the theatrical film franchise, followed by two later television series.) The first theatrical film received a 1999 Korean remake and a 2002 Hollywood remake, which in turn had its own sequel and spinoff short. A new Hollywood film titled Rings opened in February 2017.

Source: Encore Films Indonesia's Facebook page

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