Save $80 on this neat Arozzi gaming chair and play in comfort

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Come on in, make yourself at home, and take a seat. Actually take this seat; the Arozzi Enzo Gaming Chair has had its price slashed by $80 on Best Buy, putting it at a reduced $99.99 instead of $180. That’s pretty good going for a chair from such a reliable company. It’s Best Buy’s deal of the day, so only runs until midnight.

Arozzi Enzo Gaming Chair | $99.99
A very respectable price for an entry-level gaming chair. Cheers, Best Buy.View Deal

If you’ve not got a gaming chair yet, you’re absolutely missing out. They make marathon  gaming sessions or a day at the office much more comfortable. The Enzo in particular is branded as an entry-level model, and although it lacks bells and whistles it looks brilliantly squishy. It’s slightly more subtle in shape and color than more expensive equivalents, too, and the pleather material allows it to be cleaned easily (this is a welcome feature if you sometimes eat at your desk). Padded armrests are a nice feature as well.

For more info on the cosiest seat for your butt, be sure to check out our guide to the best gaming chairs.

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