Second Code Geass Recap Film Blu-ray Released Monday

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On Monday December 16, Anime Limited will release the film Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion II – Transgression (Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch II: Handō). It will be a Collector's Blu-ray, including eight art cards and a poster. This is the second of three compilation films based on the original TV series Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion. Anime Limited describes the film:

"Lelouch Lamperouge – via his anonymous public persona of Zero – has shocked the empire of Britannia to its core. However, there are still plenty of hurdles in Lelouch's path… not least close friend turned rival Suzaku Kururugi, whose own abilities also appear to be reaching their zenith. With more unexpected arrivals and appearances as the conflict between Britannia and the Black Knights intensifies, the ability of Lelouch to navigate this increasingly complex game of chess – and the sacrifices he's willing to make – will be tested to the limit.”

MVM will release a Blu-ray entitled Monogatari Second Season, carrying the following anime: Nekomonogatari (White), Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, Otorimonogatari, Onimonogatari and Koimonogatari. MVM describes the title:

"These stories take place after the end of summer vacation when the apparition of the bee had left and the apparition of the phoenix avoided any consequences… Now that Koyomi Araragi and the girls are entering their new school terms, they are once again about to encounter supernatural beings…but this time, they may not be so easy to deal with."

Anime Limited will release a Blu-ray of the second 25-part season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Anime Limited will also release the third volume of the TV series Twin Star Exorcists, carrying episodes 27 to 40.

Anime Limited will also release the fourth volume of the TV series Twin Star Exorcists, carrying episodes 41 to 50.

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