Shizuka Furuya Returns to Voice Acting 5 Years After Paralyzing Accident

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Voice actress Shizuka Furuya announced on Saturday that she is returning to voice acting work, five years after announcing her retirement in 2015. In an interview with the Animate Times website, she revealed that the reason she retired in 2015 was due to being hit by a truck in a traffic accident, with half of her body subsequently being paralyzed.

Furuya added that she had made her original retirement announcement only on her Twitter account, as she was a freelance voice actress at the time and was not working under a talent agency. However, she was asked by her producer recently if she would consider returning to voice acting, and she also received an offer for work from her former agency Production Ace at around the same time. She added that the job offer was not aware that she was retired, and that her fellow Nichijō voice actress Mariko Honda was similarly unaware that Furuya had retired. Furuya noted that she had locked her Twitter account when she announced her retirement.

After her retirement, Furuya worked a number of jobs, but used her work leave to take a vacation in South Korea.

Furuya is perhaps best known for voicing the character Nano Shinonome in Kyoto Animation's Nichijou – My Ordinary Life comedy anime. She also voiced AUGA1 in Upotte!! and Rhine X1 in Robot Girls Z.

Source: Animate Times via Yaraon!

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