Square Enix Closes Studio Istolia, Cancels ‘Project Prelude Rune’ RPG

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Square Enix confirmed with game news website US Gamer on Tuesday that it closed its Studio Istolia game development studio and canceled the studio's "Project Prelude Rune" RPG project, with staff now being reassigned to other Square Enix projects.

Square Enix explained that "following evaluation of various aspects of Project Prelude Rune, development of the title has been canceled."

Hideo Baba, the former head of Studio Istolia and producer of "Project Prelude Rune," resigned from Square Enix at the end of March, following his resignation as representative director at Studio Istolia alongside a change in management policies at the end of last December.

A trailer for the game revealed in September that the game was being developed with Unreal Engine for PlayStation 4. That trailer has now been removed. Square Enix unveiled the project when it established Studio Istolia with Baba as its head in February 2017.

<!–Baba previously worked as brand manager and producer for the Tales RPG series. He began working on Namco’s (later Bandai Namco Entertainment’s) series with the PlayStation 2 version of Tales of Destiny in 2006. His next game in the series, Tales of Innocence, saw him become the series’ producer until Tales of Zestiria in 2015.–>

Source: US Gamer (Eric Van Allen) via Gematsu

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-05-15/square-enix-closes-studio-istolia-cancels-project-prelude-rune-rpg/.146705


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