Stalker 2 website comes to life with spooky music and a new wallpaper

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Stalker 2 was announced (again) last year, and even though I was skeptical about the whole thing—the original announcement is almost a decade old, remember—I have to admit that there was some heavy breathing on my part when it happened. Now I'm starting to let myself actually dare to dream.   

The official Stalker Twitter account fired up again today, first with a "re-announcement" tweet and then with some new Stalker 2 art and a promise to "share news and interesting content."  

The Stalker 2 Facebook page is also making new noise, as is the game's website, which now has a new downloadable wallpaper (it's the same as the image in the tweet) and a bizarre, semi-ambient music track that's in .WAV format for some reason. 

It's all very bare-bones at this stage, and may yet amount to nothing. But it's something! At this point—and, again, with all due doubt, caution, and minimal expectations—I'll take it. 

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