Symphogear XD Unlimited Smartphone Game’s 2nd Trailer Streamed

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Bushiroad and Pokelab announced on Thursday that pre-registration is now available for the global version of the Symphogear XD Unlimited smartphone game for iOS and Android devices. The game's official YouTube channel also began streaming the second trailer for the game.

The game is slated to launch globally this winter in English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. The global version of the game will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and South Korea.

Bushiroad describes the game:

This work is a Symphonic Battle RPG that faithfully recreates the world of the
Symphogear series. There are over 100 and counting newly created illustrations for the
game! Additionally, the game includes many exciting character songs from the original work
that serve to enhance the flashy battles! It's a game that can appeal not just to existing
fans, but newcomers as well.

The smartphone game launched in Japan in June 2017. Nana Mizuki performs the game's opening theme song "Unlimited Beat." In the game, players control nine Symphogear characters – Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, Chris Yukine, Kirika Akatsuki, Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Miku Kohinata, Serena Cadenzavna Eve, Kanade Amou, and Maria Cadenzavna Eve – and battle using a deck of candidate and support cards. Completing certain portions of the game earns the player music that can be used in battle.

Sources: Email correspondence, Symphogear XD Unlimited game's YouTube channel

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