The Division 2 update plans target PC performance

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Ubisoft has detailed its ongoing plans for The Division 2 in a rather lengthy post over on the community forums. The aim is to 'share not only updates on present issues but also contextualize some of our design decisions.'

First up, Patch 2.1, which is set to arrive this week, will tackle issues with the Crafting Bench, along with a fix for characters getting stuck in the revive animation. A fix is also planned for the True Patriot gear set bonus and the Revive Hive is also getting a couple of tweaks, with more expected in the future.

As part of the larger picture, there's a huge list of items that Ubisoft is aware of (and working on) and, you'll be pleased to learn, PC performance issues are one of them. They're currently looking to reproduce the problems players have been experiencing and have requested more feedback on these issues. In the meantime, they've said that Nvidia will be providing updated drivers which 'should help with the DX12 crashes.'

A whole host of other concerns are also being looked into, including various gear and weapon issues, talents, and balancing concerns. You can check out the full details in the original post here.

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