The first Streets of Rage 4 gameplay trailer is a serious blast from the past

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The retro-brawler Streets of Rage 4 was announced last August, and initial impression were good: A "late '80s punk rock aesthetic" as viewed through a '90s brawler that existed only in fantasy, we said in our September preview, with "a ton of beauty and promise." Now it's time for the rest of us to see it in action.   

The reveal trailer contained a brief flash of in-game brawling but this is the first full-on gameplay trailer to be released, and even though I was never a serious fan of the beat-em-up genre there's some pretty heavy waves of nostalgia coming off of it. The hand-drawn animations have come a long way from the series' early '90s origins, but the action looks very true to form. 

There's still no release date set, nor any information about what platforms it will be on, but there's a website with a press kit you can poke at over at

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