The makers of Ion Maiden will have something big to announce on July 11

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We've been eagerly awaiting Ion Maiden, the retro shooter made in Duke Nukem 3D's old Build Engine, for over a year now. While the release of Amid Evil did a little to scratch that itch, its Heretic-style shooting is a little different in style to what we've seen of Ion Maiden. Its "preview campaign" available in Early Access is much closer to Duke Nukem in tone and level layout, even down to the protagonist having cheesy catchphrases.

Now Voidpoint and 3D Realms are teasing something Ion Maiden-related on Twitter, saying there's an announcement coming and "You don't want to miss this!" Yes, this is probably an announcement for an announcement but we're pretty hyped for this game, OK? Whether it's a release date (it is "almost done" according to Frederik Schreiber, VP of 3D Realms) or an agreement being reached with the band Iron Maiden in the legal dispute over its name, we'll just have to wait and see.

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