The original Nintendo Switch may be getting an upgrade – report

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MANILA, Philippines – Fresh from their Nintendo Switch Lite announcement, a report from The Verge has come out talking about new legal filings for Nintendo Switch hardware tweaks.

The document, submitted to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), mentioned 3 components that will be swapped out with presumably newer, more efficient models. These are the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip, NAND memory type, and the CPU motherboard to accommodate the new components. NAND memory is the flash storage used by solid-state drives.

As the report explains, the filing is a "Class II permissive change," which allows a hardware maker to swap some components in an existing device without having to go through device recertification in the US.

With the new components, new Switch models may soon run more efficiently, with less heat, as well as potentially fewer performance issues. If Nintendo is indeed gearing up for these little but meaningful upgrades, it might be smart to hold off on a Switch purchase until newer models replace the older stocks. –

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