The Respawn 900 gaming recliner is a race car bed for adults

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First, I want to firmly establish that I am absolutely not throwing shade. Full disclosure, I myself lounged in front of my PC/console/4K TV entertainment megacenter in a massive, comfortable recliner well before Respawn sent me their gaming recliner for evaluation. Lounging in comfort while you game is something I'm intimately familiar with and fully endorse. 

That said, the Respawn 900 looks like an odd hybrid at first glance. It's a unique melding of the typical 'race car inspired' design that's become so ubiquitous in gaming seats and a traditional recliner, all perched on a big circular base so that it can rotate a full 360°. Slide down into its comfortable, plush seat and with a twist of the handle the footrest pops out with the volume and violence of a point blank shotgun report. It's both startling and oddly satisfying.

The entire design of the chair seems to suggest that you might never need to leave it, much like the race car bed swathed in Spongebob sheets that you never wanted to climb out as a kid. It's got a cup holder built into the right armrest as well as a handy pouch for stashing stuff like snacks or controllers, so you can provision yourself for truly epic gaming marathons. And that swiveling base means you can pivot around to chat to anyone that walks into your room, all without the inconvenience of ever having to stand. 

As though to mimic those race car beds of my forgotten youth, the footrest on the Respawn 900 is just a little too short so my ankles extended beyond it, but it honestly didn't detract a lot from the comfortable recline. If you're in the market for a gaming chair that you can also curl up for a nap in, the 900's not a bad option, particularly if your muddled adult brain longs for the simple clarity of unsullied youth.

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