The Witcher TV series on Netflix now has a poster, logo and first stills

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The Witcher on Netflix, which is coming later this year, now has an official poster that showcases star Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. It makes a slightly better impression than the initial costume test from last year, and features the series' tagline: 'The worst monsters are the ones we create'. Here it is in full:

(Image credit: Netflix)

PC Gamer's Tom Senior was quick to point out that Geralt is carrying one sword rather than two (typically he carries one to kill men, the other monsters). Maybe he'll get the other one in the season finale? Or maybe he just left the other one at home which, you know, can happen (update: a few book experts have pointed out that Roach is likely carrying the other one). 

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In addition, stills from the series have been released:

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(Image credit: Netflix)
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(Image credit: Netflix)
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(Image credit: Netflix)
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(Image credit: Netflix)

The Witcher has previously been given a release date of late 2019, and its showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, was one of the producers behind Netflix's Daredevil series. This series is an adaptation of the books, rather than the games, but let's face it: a lot of people are going to be watching this because they've enjoyed CD Projekt Red's trilogy. 

The reveal of the poster coincided with the launch of an official Twitter channel, which you can find here. Expect to learn more about the series at San Diego Comic Con on July 19. 

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