There’s Actually a ‘UV Express Playlist’ on Spotify

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So, let’s say you bought a brand-new van because you plan to turn it into a UV Express van. You’ve registered the vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and you’ve applied for a franchise to turn it into a public utility vehicle with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). You’ve probably even gone to Banawe in Quezon City to decorate the inside with some LED strips and probably even upgraded its head unit to something that has a USB and auxiliary input, or maybe even Bluetooth connectivity.

Now, the inevitable dilemma: what songs to play in your UV Express. You don’t want to alienate your passengers with your personal taste in music like gangster rap or thrash metal or even dubstep. You want something that’ll appeal to everyone, ranging from adult contemporary to soft rock to plain ol’ rock. You turn to Spotify for help, but the problem with most of the playlists on it is that the songs are arranged in a certain order, like either through the type of music genre, the year or decade they were released, or even the mood you want it to elicit from you.

Well, good thing one “jc.delapena” took the time and effort to create a ‘UV Express Playlist’ on Spotify to save you the trouble of creating one yourself. There are actually other similar ‘UV Express’ playlists on Spotify but this one is quite comprehensive, with 157 songs in all–enough to get you through a traffic jam on EDSA or C5.

The playlist starts with Michael Learns to Rock’s ‘Paint My Love’ and goes through songs that run through a gamut of artists from varying music genres, from Bon Jovi and Guns N’ Roses to Elton John and Boz Scaggs, with some Original Pilipino Music artists as well like Side A and Freestyle before it ends in Carol Banawa’s ‘Bakit ‘Di Totohanin.’

So, if you do have a UV Express van as a business or perhaps you just want to listen to some clean, easy-listening songs on a road trip, don’t forget the ‘UV Express Playlist’.

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