This is the Future of Headlights, According to Volkswagen

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Imagine a time when your car’s headlights and taillights offer not just better and smarter illumination, but can also ‘talk’ with other vehicles on the road.

This is the vision of Volkswagen. And it’s not just a dream. In fact, it already has a 328-foot long tunnel that’s dedicated to their lighting research and development alone.

According to MotorTrend, Volkswagen envisions creating future “micro-pixel headlights with up to 30,000 light points” that are capable of projecting holograms on the road and its surroundings.

What’s more, these high-tech light wonders will be able to show virtual line markers around a vehicle to give the driver an idea on how their vehicle fits within the lane markings. Note that this isn’t static; these virtual markings can bend to follow the curves of the road.

Interestingly, the taillights can show messages warning other drivers of any obstructions or hazards on the road. And those who are fans of themselves can even personalize them by creating their own signatures that can be displayed by these taillights. And forget arguing with other drivers about who gets that parking spot–the headlights will warn other drivers after you that you’re already parking at a certain spot.

Volkswagen even went so far as to pattern it after the human eye. For instance, the headlights show it’s ‘off’ by displaying a thin LED strip to show that the eyes are shut. They can open up and ‘wink’ at the driver. What’s more, the headlights veer toward the direction of the vehicle where it is headed, and even look into the direction of cyclists and pedestrians to warn them of their presence.

Now, if it can just do a death stare when a car overtakes you on the road, then that would be perfect.

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