This Minecraft texture pack will make you feel like you’ve dropped acid

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I now have a headache because I’ve been staring at this gif of a Minecraft texture pack for five minutes: 

That’s correct: It makes the textures move one pixel per frame in a single direction. It is the experience of having dropped acid without the risk of flashbacks, except every night in your dreams when you recall the experience of this mod. To the creator: Thanks, I hate it. The resource pack, aptly named Moving Blocks Resource Pack, is available for free on Resource-Pack. The creator calls it “very suitable for challenges” which I think will probably be directly correlated with how likely you are to get motion sickness. I, for example, would probably vomit within five minutes. Imagine the stark colors of The End, but they are all constantly moving in a strange swirl. I mean just look

That last gruesome creation was made by alfredo_gaming_royale on Reddit. I’d like to see a speedrunner take a crack at a play with this on. You can download it on Resource-Pack. That said, I would now like to see more packs that make you say “thanks, I hate it.” Post them in the comments. 

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