This Skyrim mod mimics Sekiro’s brilliant combat

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The latest attempt to try and mod some engaging combat into Skyrim draws inspiration from arguably the best duelling game around: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Lucky Skyrim. Check out modder Lert Krush's Skyrim Die Twice test video above. 

Creaky animations aside, it looks like a pretty faithful adaptation of Sekiro's incredibly tense sword fights. In Skyrim, unmodded melee amounts to just hitting stuff and occasionally blocking. It's not great, but it is very accessible. With this Sekiro mod, however, you need to wear your opponent down by deflecting their attacks, which drains their stamina and eventually staggers them, giving you an opening. 

Enemies can do the same to you, but thankfully the mod also gives you ninja-like agility, letting you roll out of the way and, if your enemy is a cowardly archer, deflect their arrows. The mod also borrows some of the visual cues Sekiro uses, helping you to nail the timing. 

While the mod is finished, you can't rush off to somewhere like Nexus Mods to download it just yet. Lert Krush originally created it just for themselves, but the reception to their videos has been positive enough to make them want to release it so we can all give it a try, but there's one speed bump. It's a modification of Ultimate Combat SE, so they'll need to get permission from its creator before the mod can be published. 

Hopefully we'll be able to take it for a spin soon, and in the meantime you can practise deflecting in preparation. Or you could browse our list of the best Skyrim mods.

Cheers, PCGamesN.

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