TNVS Drivers Hold ‘Transport Holiday,’ Grab Claims ‘Normal Ops,’ LTFRB to Meet with Stakeholders,

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Transport network vehicle service (TNVS) drivers and operators held their ‘transport holiday’ yesterday, July 8, by holding a 12-hour ‘offline’ stop operation.

From 6 AM to 6PM, protesting TNVS drivers belonging to Laban TNVS also warned the government that there could be similar events in the future.

According to the group, it would conduct similar programs should the government not correct the “inconsistency in its procedural processes in terms of registration and application for TNVS,” “complicated high requirements,” and “slow processing of the Board for acquiring and releasing provisional authority (PA) and Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC).”

But despite the transport holiday, Grab Philippines reported that it is business as usual for its TNVS partners.

Grab Philippines Public Affairs Manager Nicka Hosaka said that despite the TNVS transport holiday initiated by some groups, rides remained on normal levels.

“We thank our TNVS partners for upholding the riding public’s interests above their own. Despite TNVS transport holiday initiated by some groups, we have not seen extraordinary difficulties in getting rides today,” Hosaka said.

“Passenger booking requests were served well through efforts by TNVS drivers all over Metro Manila,” she added.

Meanwhile, Hosaka expressed optimism on the forthcoming dialogue between the concerned groups and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to air every facet sorrounding the issue.

“We believe however that a dialogue with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is in order to discuss all options and solutions available to address the current issues,” she said

“Grab too, has a number of concerns which it has brought to the attention of the LTFRB. We will continue to keenly monitor discussions as the common goal is to address process issues,” Hosaka noted.

On Tuesday, today, .the LTFRB is scheduled to hold a dialogue with the TNVS community and stakeholders.

Earlier, Grab urged the drivers to work with them along “with passengers, and with our regulators to address TNVS pain points through dialogue.”

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