To the Moon studio’s next game is a thriller about ‘bloody murders’

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Freebird Games, the indie studio behind the tear-jerker adventures To the Moon and Finding Paradise, has announced that its next project will be entitled Impostor Factory, and it will be all about, let's see here… uhh, murder. 

There's very little to go on at this point, besides the title, the teaser, and what is effectively a placeholder page at, but Freebird said that the new game will be "familiar" to followers of its previous work. 

It will also, however, mark "an end of an era for the development team," and yes, it really is about violent homicide: "In a stark shift from the developer's past story structure style, players will take part in a time-resetting thriller-mystery that involves a series of bloody murders," Freebird said. 

For those who prefer Freebird's previous stuff, the studio has also released Paper Memories: Comic Stories from To the Moon and Finding Paradise. Available as DLC for either game, Paper Memories includes three comics featuring characters from the games, "snippets" from the SigCorp Doctors, and bonus music tracks.   

Paper Memories is available now on Steam. Impostor Factory is expected to be out sometime in 2020.

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